About Sensi Burch
About Sensi Burch
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Sensei Chris Burch’s History

Plymouth Ju-Jitsu Club was first started in the late 1970's at Fighting Fit Club based at Rendle Street. We then moved to Stonehouse Barracks. Chris Burch then took over the role of instructor and thus Plymouth Ju-Jitsu was established.

Forming his first own club in Tamerton Foliot mainly training people from the police force, Shihan Chris Burch was then asked if he could run a Childrens
Ju-Jitsu club, so he did and the age range was from 6 to 16 year olds.

Plymouth Ju-Jitsu also specialises in Katrate Kobudo which is the weapon form of Martial Art, these weapons include:

The Katana sword, Nunchaku, Tonfa, Sai, Bo, Jo, Kama, just to name a few of the weapons we use.

Shihan Chris Burch started training back in 1980 at the age of 17, his Sensei then was Sensei Neil Pearce.

After 10 years of very hard training sessions, Chris started teaching in 1990 when Sensei Neil Pearce retired leaving Chris Burch the club. This was then named Plymouth Ju-Jitsu. He then trained under Sensei Robert Clarke,9th Dan and Sensei Alan Campbell and Fred Fitzgibbon from the world Ju-Jitsu Federation. Sadly Sensei Robert Clarke and Sensei Fred Fitzgibbon are no longer with us and will be sadly missed.